Create custom integrations with your 3rd party applications, perform a custom query for data from a collection without having to write a SQL query and run it directly on the database, integrate Spire data into your favorite BI tool ... and many more.

Here is a summary of the most commonly received questions and answers to them about the Spire API.

Where can I find documentation for the Spire API?

The documentation for your version of the Spire API can be found in your local Spire server using the following link directly on the Spire Server.

Additionally, you can see the full browsable API browser UI, and explore the various collections and endpoints that are available to retrieve or update from the Spire API using the following link directly on the Spire Server.     


How can I modify the results of a GET request to an API collection?

GET requests to the API can be modified by one of a few URL parameters that can be passed in at the end of an API request URL. The following section describes the most common options that will be used in this context. 

ParamValue Data TypeDescription
startintegerDetermines the first record from the whole collection to include in the API response
limitintegerDetermines how many records to include from the collection a single API response
qstringEnables users to perform a text search on the objects in that API collection
filterobjectEnables users to apply filters or combinations of filter conditions to the API response

For more details on working with collections on your Spire Server:



  • The start and limit parameters could be used to enforce pagination in the results returned, so that not all data existing in a collection needs to be called at one time, if nothing is provided then start defaults to 0 and limit defaults to 100.

  • In order to bypass the default limit and call every result in a collection the limit parameter should be set to 0.  If doing so results in a 400 error response when other aspects of the request are valid then see the following question

  • To use the filter url parameter, a value should be provided which is a url encoded json object. See the Spire API documentation on your Spire Server for examples.

Is there any limit on how much data that I can call in a single request?

10,000 records is the most that can be returned through a single API call to the Spire API, if more are requested by calling using a limit parameter value which exceeds 10,000, or by using limit=0 for a collection containing more than 10,000 items it will result in a 400 error response.