SendGrid can be used as a SMTP Relay rather than using the Office 365 or GMail SMTP Relay.  SMTP Relay helps Companies that uses multiple Reply-To Name email addresses shown in the Spire User Settings, Email, Custom

Setup for SMTP Relay in SendGrid

  • Log into the SendGrid site
  • Left menu Email API, Integration Guide – click Choose for SMTP Relay

1.  Create an API KEY

  • My First API Key Name * - enter a Key Name (user’s choice)
  • Click “Create Key” – this will generate an API Key

2.  Configure your application.

  • Copy the API Key (the API Key starts with SG and highlighted in yellow)
  • Do not Log out or close the SendGrid webpage as you will to do a test of the SMTP Relay through Spire

Testing the SMTP Relay in Spire

1.  Spire Server Administration page, Integrations, SMTP - SETUP

Entries for the fields:  

Label – general name identifier (user’s choice)

Username – apikey

Password – paste the API Key that was copied from SendGrid

Host Name –

Port – 587

Encryption – TLS (for STARTTLS)

  • Click “Save” – ensure there is a green checkmark or confirm it was successful. 

2. Spire Server Administration page, Integrations, SMTP - Manage Access

  • Under the Label name given, ensure it is assigned to the Company's database
  • Close

3.  Spire Desktop – setting up the Reply – To in User Settings, Email 

  • Select Custom 
  • Email Address – has to be the same email address used for SendGrid 
  • Reply – To Name – any email address that the User chooses  
  • Save and close
  • Send a test email as the Spire User – check if successful 
  • If successful then go back to the SendGrid website 

Back to the SendGrid site after done testing in Spire

  • Checkbox “I’ve updated my settings”
  • Click Next Verify Integration
  • Click Verify Integration – successful Integration as it will check if the email was sent through the SMTP Relay during the test done in Spire.