Create/setup a SendGrid account by going to the following link:

  • Log into the SendGrid account and go to Settings
  • Go to API Keys
  • Click Create API Key

  1. In the Create API Key page, create a “API Key Name” (Label) example:  SPIRESENDGRID
  2. Click “Create & View”
  3. This will generate a API Key (screenshot below) below.  
  4. Open an app Notepad from Windows.  
  5. Then click on the “Key”.  This will copy the key (it will indicate “Copied”).  **Note: this "API Key" is only shown once.**
  6. Then go to the Notepad file and paste the “Key” onto the notepad.  
  7. You will need to save the file for future reference. 
  8. Click “Done” when finish.  

Spire Server Administration page

Integrations - SendGrid - Setup

  • In the Spire Server Administration page go to Integrations 
  • Click on “Setup” on SendGrid 
  • Enter the Label (API Key Name) and enter the API KEY (API KEY created)
  • Save

Integrations - SendGrid - Manage Access 

  • Back on the Integrations page, click “Manage Access” for SendGrid
  • This is where you assign the SendGrid to Company 
  • Under the Label (API Key Name) select the Company’s database name to associate with SendGrid

Spire Desktop

  • Go to Company Settings, Email, Email Address 
  • Enter the same email address that was used for SendGrid
  • Save and Close