This guide assumes you already have Spire configured to work with a credit card processor (see document "How to setup a Credit Card processor").  After Spire is configured, you'll be able to accept "card not present" credit card payments.

Step-by-step guide

How to use Credit Card processing with Spire (example)

  1. This example makes use of a typical Sales Order.
  2. Create a new Sales Order as usual and then click "Invoice".
  3. Click on a payment method that you know supports credit card processing.
  4. You can select a saved credit card from the "New Credit Card" dropdown list, or simply fill in the fields (credit-card number, expiry date month/year and CVV2):

  5. Verify the amount and then click OK.  Confirm any authorization.
  6. The last four digits of the credit card number will now be saved on the payment screen.

  7. Tip:  If you open a "Customer" record, the "Credit Card" tab lets you add, edit and delete customer-associated credit cards.  Only the last four digits of any credit card number will be displayed here.