After you have installed Spire Server, you are ready to install the Client. (If you haven't already installed the Server, click here: Install Spire Server

You can install the Client on the same box as the server, or on a device on the same network as the Server.

To Begin, go to our Support site: Support Home

Click on the Login Button and enter the email and password you created when you registered as a partner  on our Support site.

(If you haven't already Registered, please do so. You can call or email us as well in Support for assistance)

Once you are logged in, select Forums:

Scroll down to Software Downloads and click on the most recent post for the download page.

Click on the Spire link to commence downloading it.

After you have finished downloading the file, you are ready to start the Client installation. Click on the link from your Download screen (or on the file itself from your Downloads folder).

You will next see the Spire Setup Wizard. Click Next to continue.

You will be asked to select an installation location. We recommend leaving it set to the default.

Next you will be asked about setting Desktop and Quick Launch Icons - set preferences as you wish.

You are ready to proceed - click Install.

You will see a Progress Bar.

You will be notified installation is complete.

You may then Launch the Client and log into a Company.

After log in, you are ready to proceed from the standard screen.

Congratulations - you have successfully installed the Client and are ready to go.