1. Create an Archive with reports, media and accounts of all companies on the current Server that is using Spire 3.6 or higher

    -Ensure that Include Accounts, Include Media and Include Reports are all selected with the icons in colour under Select             Options on the right side.

2. Download the Archive(s) file to your Downloads folder or some other folder that your Internet Browser will have access to, by clicking on the underlined Filename of the Archive file in Spire Server Admin > Snapshots.

3. Install Spire Server on the new server using the installation steps in the Spire online manual


4. Import the Archive(s) stored in Step 2 on the new server by clicking Import and then Upload Archive File in Spire Server Admin > Archive

5. Confirm that everything is on the new server;

  • check the data, (customer, list, inventory list, gl account list
  • check the users, do they exist and are they active
  • check that the custom reports exist in Spire Server Admin
  • check a few Inventory attachments and see if Email history exists to make sure that the media folder came over

6. On the old server, go to Services and right click on the Spire API Service and go to Properties. Set the Service to be Manual in the dropdown and Stop the Service.

7. Uninstall Spire Server from the original server in a week or so once it is confirmed that all is good