This article explains how Users can access the Web Module and the Spire Desktop when the company database is on Spire Cloud. 


Users are able to signup for access to Web Module and the Spire Desktop if the Company is on the Spire Cloud. 

A User with Server Admin privileges will need to create the User Account with the User's email address. 

The User will need to go to the company’s Spire Cloud webpage for example 

The User will then see a page like below:  

If the User has previously signed into the with the Spire web interface, they can use their email address and password. 

If the User has not signed in before, then they will need to click on Sign Up tab shown on the below screen: 

Here the User will need to enter the same email address used in their Spire User Account profile.  

A suggestion for the password is choose the same password as the one use for the Spire User Account unless it is too weak.  

Then click SIGN UP at the bottom.  

A message will appear indicating an Activation Link has been sent to the email address.  

The User then will go their email and ‘Verify’ the email address.  

Once verified the user then can sign into with the email address and password to access the Web modules.