Below is a description of the Spire Fields for this Import. 

Please refer to the User Manual for more information on how to do Imports.

Spire 3.11 Fields
IDUnique identifier110
AmountAmount for this record10
Amount TypeHow the sell price is calculated;
D = Discount
M = Margin
P = Price
Contract CostInventory cost to use for margin calculation

CustomerCustomer number that is getting this price
CurrencyCurrency codeCAD
Customer TerritoryTerritory for price, if applicable
Customer TypeCustomer type for price, if applicable
Start DateStart date for this price to be applicable
End DateEnd date for this price to be applicable12/31/2024
Minimum Qty.Minimum quantity required for price
Price Override

High Priority price causing this price to override all other prices, even if there is a lower one; 

T = True and checks the box
F = False and does not check the box 

Product CodeProduct code for priceACC
WarehouseWarehouse for priceVA
Part No.Part number for priceCMATS
Price ReasonExisting promo code or price reasonHALFOFF
Ship to IDCustomer ship to IDTORONTO
Unit of MeasureUnit of measureEA
Vendor No. Vendor number that is giving the promotionNOLFIT