Below is a description of the Spire Fields for this Import. 

Please refer to the User Manual for more information on how to do Imports.

Spire 3.11 Fields
Customer No (Required)Customer No
Address ID (Required)Shipping Address IDLANGLEY
NameAddress nameLangley
Address 1Address Line 1
PO Box 123
Address 2Address Line 2    

Address 3Address Line 3

Address 4Address Line 4

ProvinceProvince (2 digit code)
CountryCountry (3 digit code)
Postal CodePostal Code
V2E 0E2
PhonePhone number555-555-5555
FaxFax number555-555-5555
Web pageWeb
Ship Via CodeShipping Method Code01
Contact #1 NameFirst Contact nameJane
Contact #1 Tel No. First Contact phone number555-555-5555
Contact #1 cellFirst Contact cell phone555-555-5555
Contact #1 otherFirst Contact other
Office Admin.
Contact #1 emailFirst Contact email
Contact #1 typeFirst Contact type;;
Not working in version 3.11
Contact #2 NameSecond Contact nameBill
Contact #2 Tel No.Second Contact phone number
Contact #2 cellSecond Contact cell phone555-555-5555
Contact #2 otherSecond Contact otherBill junior
Contact #2 emailSecond Contact email
Contact #2 typeSecond Contact type;
Not working in version 3.11
Contact #3 Name
Third Contact nameBill Senior
Contact #3 Tel No.Third Contact phone number555-555-5555
Contact #3 cellThird Contact cell phone555-555-5555
Contact #3 otherThird Contact otherCEO
Contact #3 emailThird Contact
Contact #3 typeThird Contact type;
Not working in version 3.11
HoldHold Address check box on the Address;
F = Not on hold
T = On hold
Territory CodeDefault Territory Code
SalespersonDefault Salesperson
Selling PriceSelling Price Level
Sales Tax 1First Sales Tax Code1
Sales Tax 2Second Sales Tax Code2
Sales Tax 3Third Sales Tax Code3
Sales Tax 4Fourth Sales Tax Code4
Revenue GL AccountRevenue GL Account for use when the Company Setting "Override Sales Account" is checked under Customers
Sales Tax 1 Exempt NoFirst Sales Tax Exempt Number123456
Sales Tax 2 Exempt NoSecond Sales Tax Exempt Number234567
Sales Tax 3 Exempt NoThird Sales Tax Exempt Number345678
Sales Tax 4 Exempt NoFourth Sales Tax Exempt Number456789
WarehouseDefault warehouseVA
Use Bill To Specific Prices