Below are the three most common matview issues that can arise;

1. Blank rows on the Inventory List (shown in image below)

2. On hand, Committed and On Order numbers are different on the Inventory List than they are in Edit Inventory

3. Most recently posted Invoices are missing from the Sales History List

This can happen on some Windows servers where one of the processes in the Spire API Service hangs.

Please do the below steps to resolve this issue;

1. Click on the Windows Start

2. Type Services to run the Services App

3. Once the Services List is id display then click on the Name column header to sort by name ascending

4. Type Spire to find the Spire API Server

5. Right click on the Spire API Server and click Stop

6. Click on the Windows Start again

7. Type Task to run the Task Manager

8. Go to Task Manager, Details tab and click on Name column header to sort by name
9. Look for an entry that says spired.exe

10. Right click on any spired.exe and end the task

11. Close Task Manager
12. Go back to the Services List

13. Right click on Spire API Server again and click Start

Wait about one minute and see if the list view looks up to date now.