Spire 3.10 and higher will install the PostgreSQL 14 service on the server only if no PostgreSQL service already exists on the computer. New Spire installations will have PostgreSQL 14 installed, but existing Spire installations would continue to use PostgreSQL 10.

To install PostgreSQL 14 on an existing Spire server, please perform the following steps;

1 - Create an Archive of all companies on Servers that are using Spire 3.6 or higher

2 - Download the Archive file to your Downloads folder or some other folder that your Internet Browser will have access to

3 - Create a Snapshot of all companies (not mandatory for servers that are using Spire 3.6 or higher, but it is good insurance)

4 - Uninstall the current version of Spire Server  

5 - Rename c:\programdata\spire to c:\programdata\spire_orig

6 - Install Spire 3.10 or higher

7 - Import the Archive(s) stored in Step 2 or the Restore the snapshots created in Step 3

Wait a few days to make sure that nothing is missing and then delete c:\programdata\spire_orig