Command '[;C:\\Program Files\\Spire\\PostgreSQL\\10\\bin\\pg_restore.exe','--list', 'C:\\WINDOWS\\SERVIC~1\\LOCALS~1\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\tmpoj9aieyc_tempfs_\\companyname_2023-04-11T22-24-24.backup']' returned non-zero exit status 1. 

This error occurs when the original company snapshot was created on a Spire Server machine that is using PostgreSQL version 14 and the Restore is attempted on a Spire Server using PostgreSQL version 10.  



This will happen when a company snapshot from a Spire Hosted Cloud which is using PostgreSQL 14,  is copied to to an On Premise Server which was upgraded to Spire 3.10 from a previous Spire version. (Upgrading to 3.10 maintains PostgreSQL 10).  



Uninstall the upgraded Spire Server version 3.10 and then do a clean install of version Spire Server 3.10 which does a new installation of PostgreSQL 14


Do a new Spire Server 3.10 install on another system or virtual machine if one is available to use for restoring snapshots that have been created by a Spire Server running PostgreSQL 14.