Command '[;C:\\Program Files\\Spire\\PostgreSQL\\10\\bin\\pg_restore.exe','--list', 'C:\\WINDOWS\\SERVIC~1\\LOCALS~1\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\tmpoj9aieyc_tempfs_\\companyname_2023-04-11T22-24-24.backup']' returned non-zero exit status 1. 

This error occurs when the original company snapshot was created on a Spire Server machine that is using PostgreSQL version 14 and the Restore is attempted on a Spire Server using PostgreSQL version 10.  



This will happen when a company snapshot from a Spire Hosted Cloud which is using PostgreSQL 14,  is copied to to an On Premise Server which was upgraded to Spire 3.10 from a previous Spire version. (Upgrading to 3.10 maintains PostgreSQL 10).  



Uninstall the upgraded Spire Server version 3.10 and then do a clean install of version Spire Server 3.10 which does a new installation of PostgreSQL 14


Do a new Spire Server 3.10 install on another system or virtual machine if one is available to use for restoring snapshots that have been created by a Spire Server running PostgreSQL 14. 


If Spire Server installed PostgreSQL, then uninstalling Spire Server will remove PostgreSQL as well.

If PostgreSQL was installed manually, then it will need to be uninstalled manually.