Immediately after Spire Server is installed, Spire Server Administration should launch and will attempt to guide the user through the process of obtaining a valid license for the Spire Server. 

Clicking on CONTINUE will redirect a user to the Spire Central Login page where it is expected that the Registered User for the Spire customer will log in to Spire Central to obtain the Spire license. 

If the Registered User is not available, their Spire partner can still activate a license on behalf of their customer by following the process presented after clicking on the Partner Activation link. 

After clicking on partner activation, the user would be presented with the following page

Either scan the QR code using a mobile device, or click on the hyperlinked url ( to be directed to Spire Central.

Log in to Spire Central using the Partner's Spire Central login details. 

Then at the Activate Instance page, perform the following steps 

  1. Enter the activation key that was presented into the Activation Key field
  2. Begin typing the Registrant name in the Registrant field (3 or more characters)
  3. Select the correct Registrant to activate in the drop down list 
  4. Click Activate

Once Activation is complete in Spire Central; return to the client's PC where you are installing Spire on, and the browser tab that presented the QR code and url for Spire Central, and Spire should detect that there is now a valid license for this instance and the next stage in the post installation configuration process will be presented in this tab.