When doing an account reconciliation and it will not balance the GL Account, it may be because a transaction that was dated in the “Last Year” period was removed from 'GL transactions' into the 'GL transaction history'. This will make the transaction unavailable to reconcile.


1. For a cheque, create a journal entry dated the first day of “Last year”(so earliest day possible) that debits the amount to the account being reconciled and credit the amount to a clearing account. Any expense account will work for this. This procedure returns the amount to the account so it can be reconciled

2. To remove this item from the reconciliation list start a reconciliation without an opening or closing amount, check the item that was created and post the reconciliation. 
Note: Spire 3.10 and higher requires a statement date for bank accounts. Make the statement date prior to the statement date that you are actually working on before you did step 1.  If you are working on reconciling January 31 then make this single entry reconciliation date January 30.

3. Create another journal entry for the same date but credit the account being reconciled with the same amount and debit the same clearing account previously used. This removes the amount from the account being reconciled and the stale dated transaction is now back in the account to reconcile if or when it clears.

If this amount will never clear then do a normal gl journal entry to write it off and then check both items in the in the next reconciliation.

**  Please Note – If the amount was a debit/deposit to the account, then reverse the debit and credits.

Spire 3.5 and later will alert the user performing Year End Close, if there are GL Transactions that have not been reconciled, that will be moved to GL History, to give them the opportunity to move the transactions to a more current period.