In Spire Version 3.6.x, ‘Migrate Files’ was added to the Tools menu.

This tool was designed to copy images and or attachments from their current directory to a central storage location so that all users can view the files.


The reason this tool was designed is to ensure that by default all images and attachments are stored in a single location and so that Spire API Service and spire-cloud will always have access to the directories that these images are currently stored in.   

Going to the Inventory menu and running ‘Migrate Files’ will copy the images and attachments to the below directory: 




This process will also update the image file path on the record in the inventory_images table.




If running this tool produces a message like the one below, it could mean that the user logged on does not have access to a directory where the images or attached files are currently stored.



The users who have access to these directories will also need to run ‘Migrate Files’ from the Tools menu on their workstations to copy the images to the shared directory so that everyone can view the files.