When adding part numbers as items to forms such as Sales Orders and Purchase Orders, it can be helpful to be aware of the various searching methods when using the Inventory Lookup Dialog.

Note you can load the lookup dialog by either pressing F9 or clicking the small magnifying glass icon.

1) Searching with a blank part number (forced seek).  This allows you to start typing the part number in the lookup dialog itself, letting you seek closer to the desired result:

2) Searching with a full or partial-match that resides at the start of the matching part numbers.  This loads results with a part-number pre-selected:

3) Searching with a partial-match that resides somewhere in the middle of the matching part numbers (or descriptions).  This loads results without a part-number pre-selected:

Part-based matches:

Description-based matches (note that partial sub-strings here are matched via whole words only):