There are times when Spire will have a closed Sales Order with an Invoice Number.  When a sales order is invoiced, and for some reason it cannot be completely posted because of an error or network interruption, the transaction gets completely rolled back so as not to have a partially posted transaction.  However when Spire changes the next invoice number forward in the sequences table, there is no way to tell if another user has done this as well.  What Spire does is to save the sales order back to the sales order list with the invoice number on it, and with a status of "Closed".

Step-by-step guide

Order Remains as Original

If the closed order wasn't re-entered by somebody else and remains as the only copy, please attempt the following:

  1. Go back into the closed order and click the Invoice button again.
  2. If there is still an error the user can make a note of the problem, and correct it accordingly.
    • If it was a network problem that previously created the issue, the invoice should post normally.

Order was Duplicated

If somebody didn't notice that the order was closed and proceeded to create a new order to invoice, then clean-up the closed order using this procedure.  The reason we do this instead of allowing the closed/invoiced order to be deleted, is that there would then be a missing invoice number, and auditors get suspicious when this happens.

  1. Check to see that the order is not in the Sales History (shouldn't be possible).
  2. Right-click on the closed order and click 'Re-open' (may require security setting found in User Settings → open a user → Sales Orders → "Reopen Closed...").
  3. Go into the order and delete all line items.
  4. Add a comment line with something like "Duplicate order".
  5. Click "Invoice" to post the order.