When you open a Sales Order that has back-ordered items, a "Ship Available" button will be displayed if there is now enough inventory available to fulfill the shipment for any of the ordered items.  For this button to prompt for serial numbers and to work for serialized and/or lot-numbered inventory, you must be using Spire 2.5.0 or newer, otherwise only regular non-serialized items will have their Ship Quantity modified.

Post-Spire-2.5.0 Ship Available example

  1. Notice the Sales Order has back-ordered items:

  2. After receiving Purchase Orders or adjusting/counting inventory, verify that there is now enough inventory for the listed items in order to fulfill the shipment.  For the sake of this example, there is now enough inventory for all three listed items.

  3. Open the Sales Order and notice the prompt at the top with the "Ship Available" button:

  4. After clicking "Ship Available" you'll be prompted to select/enter/auto-generate serial/lot numbers as deemed necessary by the system:

  5. After the serialization is done notice items now have their "Ship Qty" and "B/O Qty" updated accordingly: