Step-by-step guide

Separate quick-fixes for incorrect or confusing Inventory counts

  1. If your Inventory listing counts differ from the counts inside the Inventory items' editing window:
    • Load the Components Services app (it's easy to find by clicking the Windows desktop's "Start" button and typing "component").
    • Restart the "Spire API Server" service (this will refresh any internal materialized views and other cached data).  Note logged-in staff should be warned they may be kicked-off Spire, so they shouldn't have unsaved forms open before the API is restarted.
    • Within the Spire desktop app, reload/refresh any stale data.

  2. Open the Inventory menu and select "Inventory Adjustments".

    • All items (batch adjustments and batch transfers) listed here are not yet processed/posted.  These pending batches just Commit inventory.
    • It's suggested to run the report "Item Allocations" from the primary Inventory listing.
    • If you find that a pending Adjustment batch is the problem, you can either delete a batch or open-and-post it to remove it's pending commitments.

  3. Note the Inventory menu has an "Inventory Counts" feature.
    • All items (batch counts) listed here with an enabled "Post" button (after opening the batch) are not yet posted.  These do not affect inventory counts (they change the On-Hand quantity after posting) so most likely your problem's source isn't here.

  4. Run the Inventory menu's "Inventory Reallocate" tool.
    • Logged-in staff should be warned to avoid modifying anything to do with inventory until the process has completed.
    • Click "Begin" to run it.
    • After it completes, refresh/reload any stale inventory data.
    • This tool recalculates correct inventory quantities by re-synchronizing the Committed and On-Order quantities based on existing Sales Orders, Production Orders, Purchase Orders and Inventory Adjustments.