There are times where changes are made to column headers in a module, either hiding a column or moving it, and Spire does not save the setting when the module is closed and reopened. 

This can be due to a few different things. 

Solution #1 (pre-Spire-2.5.9)

Window settings are locked. 

  1. Select Edit > Window Settings
  2. Ensure "Lock" is not selected, if so then deselect it
  3. Edit > Window Settings > Clear
  4. Set up the columns as desired in the module in question
  5. Edit > Window Settings > Lock

Solution #2

In any module, you have the ability to set a "default" filter. This is tricky as this filter will look the same as if there was no filter selected, but regardless of the column header changes you make, it will reset when you close/reopen the module. 

  1. In the module the client is having a problem with, click the dropdown beside filters
  2. Click on "Remove Default"
  3. Make the column changes you want
  4. Click on another module
  5. Go back to the original module and the settings should all be saved

You can then save this as the default filter in case an unwanted change is made. 

Solution #3

There may be something wrong with the registry key on the user's workstation.  Note that steps 1, 2 and 7 only pertain to Spire versions earlier than 2.5.9.

  1. Select Edit > Window Settings
  2. Ensure "Lock" is not selected, if so then deselect it
  3. Close Spire
  4. Delete this key in the registry settings: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Spire Systems\Spire\Window Settings and State\SalesOrderList  (or whichever module setting is having issues)
  5. Have the user log back into Spire and set up the Sales Order List as desired

  6. Log out of Spire and back in to see if they stick.

  7. If so then put the checkmark next to Lock Windows Settings and any future changes should not be remembered