Install pgAdmin

Starting in Spire 3.6.8 pgAdmin no longer is included with the Spire Server installer. If you wish to use pgAdmin to access the Spire postgreSQL database directly then you will need to install pgAdmin separately by following these directions. If pgAdmin is already installed and available in the Start Menu then skip forward to the next section.

  1. Open Spire Server Admin

  2. Click the Elephant Icon in the top right hand toolbar to visit the downloads page for pgAdmin for Windows

  3. Download and install the latest version of pgAdmin

Run a query in pgAdmin
  1. Open the application pgAdmin 4 from the start menu.
  2. Expand the Server called PostgreSQL 10
  3. Expand the group called Databases
  4. Highlight the name of the Database you want to run a query on
  5. Then click on the SQL query editor button to open a new query editor window
  6. Type or Paste the relevant query into the Query Editor page that appears in the right hand top pane
  7. Press F5 or Click on the play button arrow icon to execute the query
  8. Query Results are shown in the bottom section of the screen below the query editor