Important to read this for changes to Spire payroll!!

Allows more than 9 entries per timecard
It is  important to use our updated stock pay cheque and direct deposit  Crystal reports for this. If you have a custom paycheque report you need to  edit it with the same changes we made or redo your customization using one of  the stock reports.

Payroll Schedule
Spire will  automatically set the pay period based on dates. After creation of the timecard  list you can still edit the period for each employee or for the complete batch.

If the  employee has already had a timecard with that period, it will automatically  make the timecard a supplemental for that employee.

Next Payslip Number


If the next  payslip number is set to anything except 0, then the value in Next payslip No.  will be used for the Payroll cheque number. If Next payslip No. is at 0 then  the next Payroll cheque number will come from the Next cheque number stored in  the GL account setup to process Payroll cheques. If both Next payslip No. and  the GL Account Next Cheque are 0, then the Payroll cheque will not get a number.

Editable fields on timecards

You can now  edit the following when processing timecards and before posting

  • Federal Tax
  • Provincial Tax
  • CPP
  • EI 
  • QPP
  • WCB*
  • Benefits* 
  • Deductions*
  • RRSP/Pension *
  • Union Dues *

*defaults to  0.00 for supplemental timecards

Additional Changes

  • Can now print zero dollar pay cheques to allow for adjustments
  • Added SIN validation. 000 000 000 can be used if SIN is not known or not required.
  • Respect WCB maximum assessable
  • Show Void Cheque number in VOID Payroll G/L transaction memo

Payroll Schedule

On top menu,  select Payroll/Schedule


Choose the  payroll frequency that requires editing. Edit each period that is not the  correct pay date. These can all be edited at the beginning of the year.

Once edited,  and a user creates a timecard for that range the period will be selected.

Pay Period Text

The pay  period text that is in the schedule can be printed on the pay clip. The field  is hidden in the Crystal Report by default.