There is a problem for some users who had multiple permission records where the user Settings became unavailable when updating to Spire 1.1.8 and higher. It also can affect new migrations from BVE.


  1. Open PGAdmin
  2. Connect to your database
  3. Highlight the company in question
  4. Click on the Execute Arbitrary SQL Queries button
  5. Paste this script (for Spire 2.x and lower): 

    insert into system_settings values ('spire.user.allow_edit','USERNAME',0,null,null,'Y');

    Important:  for Spire 3.0 and later, the script has been changed to this:
    insert into system_settings values ('spire.user.allow_edit',0,null,null,'Y',null,null,null,null,null, nextval('system_settings_id_seq'), (select id from system_users_base where username = 'USERNAME'));


    (replace USERNAME with a User Name from the company) 

    *** Please note USERNAME is case sensitive and should be in uppercase. 

    For Example:

    insert into system_settings values ('spire.user.allow_edit','JOHN', 0, null, null, 'Y');

  6. Click on the Execute Query button

  7. That User should now be able to edit User Settings.