Import Type

Required Fields

Accounts Payable

Vendor No, Transaction Type, Transaction Date, Total, GL Account


Accounts Receivable

Customer No, Transaction Type, Transaction Date, Total


Chart of Accounts

Account No, Division Code, Group



Customer No


Customer Code Change

Old Customer No, New Customer No


GL Transaction

Transaction No., Transaction Date, GL Account, Base Credit Amount, Base Debit Amount


Integration Association

Provider Name, External Key


*Warehouse, Part Number 


Inventory Adjustment

Reference No, Warehouse, Part Number, Receive Qty


Inventory Code Change

Warehouse, Old Part No, New Part No

Inventory Transfer

Reference No, Source Warehouse, Destination Warehouse, Part No, Transfer Qty


Inventory UPC

Warehouse, Part No, Unit of Measure, UPC

Job Entry

Job No, Account No, Date, Income, Expense

Price Matrix

This is more complicated as ability to have and’s and or’s

Good knowledge of the price matrix structure is required


Purchase Order

Vendor Number, Part Number



Warehouse, Part No, Required Date, Required Quantity, Unit of Measure


Sales Order

Customer No


Customer Contacts - in previous Spire versions it will Ship To

Customer No

Customer Addresses 

Customer No, Address ID


Employee Number, Pay Date, Timecard Entry Code


Vendor No.

Vendor Code Change

Old Vendor No, New Vendor No

Vendor Contacts 

Vendor No

Vendor Price

Vendor No., Part number, UOM code

*Note; Ensure that a field exists in the source file for Warehouse on single warehouse companies where Warehouse = '00'