(Note: Backing up and taking a Snapshot are two different things. A Snapshot is a dated export of all your accounting data. It can be set to a schedule, but the Snapshots once created still need to be identified to your backup utility for proper redundancy. Unlike BV/BVE data, which lived in discrete folders, the companies you create or import in Spire are added to the overall Postgres data via the Spire Server in your System Tray. You aren't meant to try to save/manipulate/recover that data directly from the Postgres folder. Snapshots are the medium for this. If you want to restore a previous date's data, you simply add the Snapshot back into the Spire Server Company list. You can give it a unique name to differentiate it from the original data. If you are satisfied with the restored data then you can delete the original company.)

A snapshot is a copy of your Spire data. It can be saved and the file then archived by whatever automated solution you may have in place. Snapshots can be set to be created on a schedule.

To take an immediate snapshot, go to your Spire Server Company List in your System Tray and highlight a company.

Then click on File and select Create Snapshot.

You will then be prompted to select a location for the Save and to enter a file name. The file will have the suffix .backup. Press Save when complete.

You will be prompted to enter your Spire Database Admin Password, that you created when you set up Spire.

When complete you will have a snapshot file that you can archive as you wish.

To restore a snapshot, go once again to your Spire Server Company List, and click on the blue "+" button, and select Add Existing Company.

You will be prompted to select the file to use. Browse to your snapshot location and select the file. Enter a database name (different than your current company one) and then hit OK.

You will be prompted for your Spire database Admin password. Enter that and hit Authorize.

The snapshot will be imported, and you will then see it as an available company on your company list.

If you wish to rename the Company just double click on the company name. You will get a window where you can enter a new description. Hit OK when done.

The window which opens upon double-clicking also serves the function of setting a schedule for a snapshot. You can choose the interval, and the number of snapshots to keep. Hit OK.

You will be prompted for the Spire Admin password. Enter and Authorize.

You have now successfully set up your system for a scheduled snapshot. 

To retrieve the files look under:  C:\ProgramData\Spire\Snapshots 

**Remember** - make sure you identify the snapshots created to your backup solution - ideally local as well as off site for optimal security and recover-ability.