If you are ready to commence your installation of Spire, then let's begin with the Server,

(Please review our article on Hardware and Software requirements first: Hardware/Software)

If you are doing a standalone installation, then you would install the Server and the Client on the same workstation.

If it's a Network installation, then the Server would be installed on the device earmarked to act as the Spire Server. 

Go to our Support site: Support Home

Click on the Login Button and enter the email and password you created when you registered as a partner  on our Support site.

(If you haven't already Registered, please do so. You can call or email us as well in Support for assistance)

Once you are logged in, select Forums:

Scroll down to Software Downloads and click on the most recent post for the download page.

Click on the server link to commence downloading it. (You could also download the Client if this was a standalone installation)

After you have finished downloading the file(s) you are ready to start the Server installation. 

Click on the link from your Download screen (or on the file itself from your Downloads folder).

You will see the usual Windows prompt for an executable file. Click on Run.

If this is still an early version of Spire Beta, you may see a comment:

You will then come to the Install Wizard - press Next to Continue.

The next window is where you define the Port that will be used by the application. 

By default, it is set to 10880. If this is a new installation of Spire, and you aren't upgrading from BV/BVE, then leave it set to the default.

However, if you are upgrading, and BV/BVE exist on this current device, then they will be using Port 10880 already, by default. 

You will need to change one or the other to prevent a conflict. We recommend you let Spire keep 10880 and set BV/BVE to 10888, but it's your choice.

The next window discusses Firewall Exceptions - it is recommended you leave this set to the default of Add Exceptions. 

(Only change this if you intend to make some custom network security settings)

The next window is for setting the destination for installation of the Program Files - we recommend leaving it set to the default.

The next window is for selecting the Database Location - we recommend using the the fastest drive available on the computer, with room for growth.

In the next window you need to create a Super User Password for the PostgreSQL Database (Note password are case-sensitive). 
This is a security feature to ensure no unauthorized access to your data. 

To Add, Delete or Import a Company, or to perform updates, you will need this password. Please make sure you have a record of this in a secure location.

The next window defines the location of the Start Menu Folder - we recommend leaving this set to the default.

Click the Install button to commence installation.

There will be a progress bar.

And you will be notified when installation is complete.

Next, you will be prompted to Register your new installation or Activate an existing license. 

To Register, fill in all relevant data and hit activate. Make sure to include an email address that is specific to the customer 

(an admin role, like the owner/manager or accountant), not the business partner. 

This email is used to manage your licensing.

To Activate, enter the Licence code that would have been provided with your original purchase.

Congratulations, you have completed your installation of the Server software.

Next Steps:

Creating a new company  Create New Company

   - or -

Adding an existing company   Adding an Existing Company


Click here to: Install Spire Client