The following article explains on how to set up Email in Spire for Users that use Office365 with two-step verification.  Please note currently Microsoft has not force the use of require two-step verification for the email accounts.  This is an option and advisable for additional security.  

Office365 Documentation

1. Details of two-step verification with Microsoft email account 

2. Using app passwords for applications that does not support two-step verification 

3. Turning two-step verification on or off for your Microsoft email account 

Step-by-step guide 

Turning on two-step verification.  

1.  Log into into your Office365 email account go to the top right corner of your Username and go to My Microsoft Account.  In the Microsoft Account to go to Security, Advance Security. 

2.  Under the Two-step verification section, choose Set up two-step verification to turn it on

3.  After reading Set up two-step verification, hit Next. 

4.  If this is the first time setting up the two-step verification the User may come across additional security verification 

5.  A suggestion will be to use an alternate email address such as the User's personal email address 

6.  Enter the received Code 

7.  After reading and saving the code provided, hit Next. 

8.  Hit Finish

Create a new app password to be used for Spire Email setup.  

1.  Go to the App Passwords, click on Create a new app password.   

2.  Copy the App password shown.  

Go to the Spire Email Setup 

1.  Enter the Outgoing Server Information for Office365 

SMTP: or 

Username:  email address of the User

Password:  the App password that was provided to the User from the above instructions

Encryption:  TLS

Port:  587

2.  Test the email in Spire by putting the email address on the Customer record and email a Sales Order to oneself.  

3.  Email is received