Companies with a lot of Inventory Images and/or attachments may need to store their image files on a different drive than the rest of the Spire accounting data. It is not as important that these media files exist on a fast hard disk or SSD. 

By default Spire stores the media files in C:\ProgramData\Spire\media in a subfolder that is the same name as the database name.

The media folder location can be changed in the C:\ProgramData\Spire\spire.ini file that is loaded when the Spire API service starts.

For example if you need to change the media location a large D drive and then you could create something like D:\ProgramData\Spire\media 

1. Create the folder D:\ProgramData\Spire\media 

2. Edit the spire.ini file in C:\ProgramData\Spire with Windows Notepad and add the following line to the bottom

media_dir = D:\ProgramData\Spire\media 

3. Save and Close the file

4. Click Start, type services and press <enter> on it to show the Windows Services List

5. Scroll down and right click the Spire API Service. (Ideally done with no one logged into Spire)

6.  Click Restart

7. Log into Spire and edit an Inventory item

8. Add an Inventory Image to test

9 Save and Close the Inventory screen

10. Edit the inventory item again to insure the item is visible in the Images tab

If you experienced an error or the item is not shown, then you will need to adjust the permissions on the folder.

11. Click Start and type Command. Do not press <enter>

12. Right Click on Command Prompt and click Run as Administrator

13. Copy and Paste each of the follow lines into the Command window one at a time and press <enter>

takeown /r /d y /a /f D:\ProgramData\Spire

icacls D:\ProgramData\Spire /inheritance:r /remove:g "Users" 

icacls D:\ProgramData\Spire /inheritance:r /grant "NT AUTHORITY\LocalService":(OI)(CI)M /grant "Administrators":(OI)(CI)M 

icacls D:\ProgramData\Spire\Media /inheritance:r /grant "NT AUTHORITY\LocalService":(OI)(CI)M /grant "Administrators":(OI)(CI)M

Type Exit and press 

14. Retest from #7.

This folder should be added to the Backup process.

Note. If Media files already exist in C:\ProgramData\Spire\media then those folders can be copied to D:\ProgramData\Spire\media

Pros and Cons

Pro: This keeps large image files off the C drive, which is usually the main system drive thus freeing up space for Windows System files, program files and data files that need fast access 

Con: Microsoft has reserved C:\ProgramData for applications to store data files and has a few protective mechanisms in place. This protection will be lost if you chose to use another folder.