This document explains the difference between Spire 3.x Server Accounts and Spire Company Users.

Spire Server Accounts

In order for anyone to log into Spire, they need a Spire Server Account.  This Account profile stores their Username, first name, last name, initials, email address and their password.  Spire also stores a list of Companies that each user is authorized to access.

You are asked for a Username when you first launch Spire Desktop so each person must have an Account in Spire Server to be able to log into a Spire database.

Spire Company User

Once a person logs into a company then the User settings are used to determine the level of applicable permissions for this user in this company.
i.e. A user may be allowed to add customers in one company but not be allowed to add customers in a different company on the same server.

The Company user profile does not store anything like first name, last name, or email address.  The user profile only stores the hundreds of permission settings for the user and it is linked to the Spire Accounts table by internal ID.

When you see a Username in the User list without clicking the Show Deleted button (in normal type), then this user has both a Spire Server Account and a Company User profile for the company that you are logged into.  This user has the ability to log into this company as long as the Active and Company Access check-boxes are check-marked.

When you see a Username in the User list only after clicking the Show Deleted button, (in grey type), then this user only has a Company User profile and is not associated with a Spire Server Account.

This is typical of a new database imported through a database migration from BusinessVision or a Spire snapshot being restored where this company has not been loaded into this Spire Server before.

When you double click on one of these (grey type) user records then you are presented with the option to Create the User in the Spire Server Accounts table or Reassociate this Company user with a Spire Server Account.

Create User

If this is a new company database where the users have never been added to the Spire Server Accounts, then you need to click Create User.  
This will also happen if this has been done;
 - uninstalled the Spire Server
 - deleted the PostgresSQL database
 - reinstalled Spire Server
 - restore a Company snapshot without restoring the Spire Server (accounts) snapshot during re-installation

It is advised that you leave the Username as-is since that person is used to using this, however you can change it here and fill in the rest of the fields.  Click Save and this user will be able to log into Spire.

Reassociate User

If you are confident that this Company User already has a Spire Server Account in Spire then click Reassociate User.  This can happen if Spire could not find enough data to be certain that this Company User matched a Server Account in the Spire Server Accounts table.

You will be presented a list of Spire Server Accounts so that you can select one to Associate with.  Spire will correct all the internal IDs to link the Company User to the Spire Server Account.