When proceeding with a Connection Test from the “PostgreSQL Unicode ODBC Driver (psqlODBC) Setup” windows, a warning may be displayed.  If the warning displayed is similar to the following…

FATAL: no pg_hba.conf entry for host

“xxx:xxxx”, user “postgres”, database

“xxx”,SSL off

... there are 2 lines that can be added to your pg_hba.conf file on the server which may resolve the issue.

The standard default path location of this file is:


The 2 lines to be added are as follows:

host all postgres fe80::/64 md5
host all postgres samenet md5

Note that "postgres" here refers to the account you are using in your ODBC connection.  If you used "spireapp" then specify "spireapp" here instead.  You can specify "all" here for any account to work.

* Please restart all Spire related services after these changes are made

* It may be required that you have an inbound firewall rule for TCP port 5432.  If that rule is not present please consider adding it.

If you wish to research ipv4 solutions and generic solutions please feel free to navigate to the following link :