When migrating a BVE database to Spire, sometimes you can arrive at an error described as "NoneType object has no attribute opening_balance" which is related to the "rollup currency revaluations" phase of the migration.  The problem is orphaned revaluation accounts that are no longer needed.

Step-by-step guide

Please attempt to migrate the BVE data to Spire before following these steps (i.e. you should have arrived at the error message already).

  1. If you need to, please see documentation on Google for more information about running SQL commands in pgAdmin against a PostgreSQL database.
  2. Open the partially migrated database in pgAdmin and run the following SQL command:

    DELETE FROM gl_accounts WHERE translation = 'R';

           or if that table does not exist yet then

           DELETE FROM gl_chart_of_accounts WHERE translation = 'R'; 


        3. Open the Spire Tray app (Spire 3.2 or below) or Spire Server Administration (Spire 3.3 or above) and select the             

            italicized (partially upgraded/migrated) database.

        4. Select the "File" menu's "Upgrade Database" (Spire Tray) or Upgrade icon (Spire Server Administration)  option to 

            continue the migration process.