When printing a report from Spire, normally the operating system printer defaults are used if you don't override the default settings.  However, you can specify some settings for each report and even save them as Spire-default settings for that specific report if you wish.

Step-by-step guide

Overriding default printer settings from within Spire

  1. Load the print dialog as usual (i.e. click the "print" icon to access reports).

  2. Check the report(s) you wish to print as usual (this part has nothing to do with printer settings).

  3. For each report you wish to alter printer settings for:

    • Select/click the listed report.
    • Set the "Printer" in the "Report Settings" section if you don't want to use the OS-default printer (you need to do this to alter the "Paper Source" and "Duplex" settings).
    • Set the "Paper Source", "Duplex" and "Copies" settings as desired.
    • Optionally click the "Save Defaults" button if you'd like to save these printer settings along with the selected report (so they'll be loaded automatically the next time you print the same report).

  4. Continue with the printout as usual (i.e. click "Print" or "Print and Email").