Spire Server and PostgreSQL run on Windows Server 2016.  However, due to known issues, please keep the following tips in mind to alleviate potential problems before they occur.

Windows 2016 Hints and Tips

  1. If BVE is running on the same server, do not use the same port for Spire.  For example, if BVE is occupying the default 10880 port,  install Spire to another port such as 10881 or 10888.

  2. When running the Spire installation package, please right-click the executable and select "Run as administrator" - this will help alleviate any permissions-related problems during installation.

  3. Be sure the PostgreSQL data is installed to the <Drive>:\ProgramData\PostgreSQL folder or else the installed service may not run properly.
    • An alternate installation folder that may work if the prior is problematic is <Drive>:\ProgramData\Postgres.