While in the process of migrating BV data to Spire certain conditions may cause the procedure to stall.

An example of a stalled migration exhibiting the Btrieve error:

Migrating records from GL_TRANSACTIONS
Migrating records from WAREHOUSE
Migrating records from INVENTORY
Migrating records from RECEIPTS
ERROR: a btrieve error has occurred.
Operation: 24 : Step Next
Error Code: 2 : I/O error
File: Build\release-vc9\src\bvimport\BTRVlib\BTRVTable.cpp
Line: 28

migration: 679682157
NOTICE: extension "hstore" already exists, skipping
NOTICE: extension "uuid-ossp" alreday exists, skipping

Potential Cause and Troubleshooting:

This is reporting a Pervasive error and is usually caused by a corrupt file, poor network connection or failing hard disk.  If this is the cause of the stall it is suggested to receive a clean backup of BV Data and try the migration again. 

Aside from trying again with a clean copy we suggest ensuring you do not have a stray ~PVSW.loc file in the data, or the \data\workbook folder.  

If issue persists please contact the Spire Support team with this error for further actions.