Process to complete before conversion

• Complete an open account reconciliation

• Unbalanced Transactions can not be migrated so they need to balance first

• Print batch payables cheques

• Check trial balance and balance sheet. Do they balance?

• Check AP and AR sub ledgers. Do they balance to GL?

• Note inventory value to GL balance

• Do multi-currency rollup

• Reorganize all BV data

• Check that Spire has all the reports required by the customer

• Spire treats kits differently than BV in that a kit is never in stock, so take kits to zero on hand before converting.  

• If the user needs to stock Kits then they should change Kits to Manufactured Items before migration so the Spire migrates the records correctly.

• If a change is made from Kit to Manufactured in Spire then the Component List needs to be recreated. They are not copied from Templates to Kit Components.

• Kits cannot be moved to manufactured and vise-versa so consider each end user’s needs carefully and convert them in BusinessVision or BVEssentials before conversion

What’s not included in the conversion:

• BusinessVision Reports

• Account reconciliation in progress

• AP batch in progress

• Product code price matrix (A-Z Pricing)

    • An export can be done of this data if it is required. See this solution article for instruction. 

• If user has renamed any of the BV files from default then they will not convert. Rename them back to default names before converting. ie the Inventory file must be called invent.btr etc.

• The aging periods for AR and AP do not carry over from BV conversion to Spire.  These period values will default to 30, 60, 90 and 120 respectively.

• Freight on BV Quotes is not migrated

• Accounts Receivable 'Monthly Interest' will not carry over from BV conversion.

BV BoM on the fly conversion (ie non specified UOM conversion)  do not have the conversion factor applied in Spire and must be changed manually

•  Divisions for Sales Orders.  If importing a divisional company, you must manually add the division to each Sales Order.  This has to be done because BV does not assign a division to Sales Orders.

•  User permission settings do not always have an exact match between BV / BVEssentials and Spire so all user settings should be reviewed once the migration is complete

BusinessVision features not included

• Budgets and forecasts

• Multi-company consolidation

• Built in business intelligence

• SuperTicker

• Renaming of File Names

• Compound sales taxes

BVE Feature not included

• Ability to discount a BV quantity break (Spire uses price matrix for all prices)

Tax Settings

After converting a BV database, go into edit->Taxes and check that there is a GL account set for all recovery taxes like HST and GST.  The conversion does its best 'guess' to convert them properly, but on occasion they need to be corrected.

If converting a US BV database then 'Short Names' will have to be added to each tax, as BV does not use them for US taxes and Spire requires them.


Spire tracks this Year and Last Year taxable benefits and deductions whereas  BV did not. Run Recalculate Employee amounts in the Spire Payroll menu after conversion to populate these values, before printing any T4s.