Converting BusinessVision Product Code A-Z Discounts to Price Matrix

Only works with Spire 3.1 or earlier.


Warning – this routine will overwrite the current customer type in Spire with the A-Z code from ‘special price code’. Therefor if you have already setup Spire price matrix group pricing it will be lost.


· Run this sql script on the customer table in PCC before conversion.

This will copy the old BusinessVision special price code to Misc1 field which is used for price matrix group pricing.


UPDATE customer

 SET misc1 = price_code


· Download Crystal report from 

· Save to to C:\Programdata\Spire\Reports on the server

· Run the report in Spire from the inventory list and export it to Excel

· Import the spreadsheet to Excel using this mapping


· Click “Has Header Row and then import. 

·  Delete the report from the server so it does not stay on the list.