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Add a comment line to a sales order


Is it possible to add a comment through the API?

If yes, I would like to have an example in JSON to add a comment when creating POST an order. The comment and description fields have no effect.


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Hi Frederic

One of my programmers just told me that comments could not be added in sales orders.  I tried this and it worked just fine - maybe I misunderstood the issue????


"customer": {

"customerNo": "CASH"


"customerPO": "feb 2019",

"items": [{

"inventory": {

"whse": "00",

"partNo": "LL9.1138.0467.0",

"description": "Medium Elastic Bandage 12 cm x 4.5m\/4.7\" x 14.8\""


"description": "Medium Elastic Bandage 12 cm x 4.5m\/4.7\" x 14.8\"",

"orderQty": "3.0000",

"committedQty": "3.0000",

"unitPrice": "5.1000"

}, {

"inventory": null,

"description": "test comment",

"comment": "test comment"



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