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Vendor alert tied to Vendor Code

We would like to see the following enhancement to Spire, and I'm not sure if this is the place to post the request.  Also, the field below  "Post topic in * " only allowed one option, and I'm not sure if that option is applicable to this request.  Here goes:

When entering a customer order, and a specific vendor code comes up on the inventory item, or is entered manually on a non-stock item, and that vendor has an alert, can the alert pop up at that time?

The reason we would like to see this is that some of our vendors are implementing fuel/logistics/utility surcharges, and the percentages vary.  If the alert pops up at the time the item is quoted or entered in an order, then our sales representative will know what to factor in so that our margins are not depleted by the extra costs that we are incurring these days.

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