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Adding a sale, with deposits

The following example adds a sale, with deposits.

  "customer": {
  "customerPO": 11111,
  "items": [
      "inventory": {
        "whse": "VA",
        "partNo": "4RTT",
        "description": "Medium Elastic Bandage 12 cm x 4.5m\/4.7\" x 14.8\""
      "description": "Medium Elastic Bandage 12 cm x 4.5m\/4.7\" x 14.8\"",
      "orderQty": "3.0000",
      "committedQty": "3.0000",
      "unitPrice": "5.1000"
  "payments": [
      "method": 1,
      "amount": "10.00"
      "method": 2,
      "amount": "9.90"
      "method": 5,
      "amount": "1.00"

The sales can be added using the following end point.   Remember to replace "inspire2_10" with the company database.


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Hello Spire Dev, 

I am adding the a spire order through the API with deposits. 

The issue is that the items on the payment array are not hitting the GLs with the method described. 

essentially the issue is that, when the API generates the sale with a deposit, when I go to the Spire Client and try to save the deposit, it does NOT actually save or create the GL entries required to reconcile the sale. 

When i compare it to the a manual deposited sale, the clear difference is "lawAway":true and "transNo":"Integer" while using the json provided sets both of these fields to Null 

can you advise?    

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